Monday, November 8, 2010

Adoption Fundraising Letter for Family and Friends

We mailed this letter to EVERYONE we invited to our wedding and people we’ve met since then. I would recommend going through your wedding invite list, Christmas card list, planner, telephone, Facebook/Myspace contacts, etc. That way you don’t forget to send this to anyone.

We made it very specific for the known child we are pursuing and obviously your letter may need to be more general. We came up with the “<Child’s name> Bee” as our fundraising theme because “Bee” means: A gathering of people for a specific purpose. In this case, the gathering purpose is to bring <child> home. You are more than welcome to use this idea if you are looking for a theme. You could say something like, The [Smith] Family Bee: A gathering of people for a specific purpose… to bring our children home.

I researched online how to write an adoption fundraising letter. I found a few good samples as well as a website that gave specific points to bring up when writing your letter. The points were as follows: 1.) Short family update; 2.) Explain what the fundraiser is for; 3.) Provide details of your cause’s progress.
I used each point as a paragraph topic. We printed these out on regular 8.5 x 11sheets of paper and mailed them in a standard envelope.

The sample letter is below:

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